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php mgr for different websites on the same server

Sep 3, 2013 at 12:19 AM
I am running php 5.3.8 on windows 2008 R2. I used Web Platform Installer to install php.

Now when I open IIS Manager and click on each website under "Features View" in the section called "IIS" there is a new Icon called PHP Manager.

Does this icon control values for the entire server or does it control settings for individual websites? I hope these are settings for individual websites. In particular:
  1. Is it possible to use PHP Manager to set values differently for different websites - or do I need to create separate .user.ini files manually?
  2. Is it possible to point php manager to different .user.ini files for each different website? (In other words, is the php mgr that I see in IIS specific to that website, or do changes made on one website affect all the others?)
  3. Is it possible to use php manager to restrict some websites from using php while allowing other websites to use php? If so, do I do this with .user.ini or some other way?